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Jockstrap Man

The average jock strap consists of a band around the waist or hips, with a pouch for the genitals attached at the front which then separates into two straps that stretch beneath or across the ass to rejoin the waist band. Since the first jock in 1860, jockstraps have evolved and varied from this design, expanding from being an anatomically tuned form of underwear for sports to a pouch to boost the size of your junk, a fashion accessory, and even an item of fetish clothing.

Jock straps were originally designed solely for sports, and especially to be worn beneath swimwear to grant more modesty to the shyer bather. Over time, men became aware of the various other benefits of the jock, most specifically for support and protection. One of the first uses was for wearing while cycling, as flat roads were few and far between in the 19th century and gentlemen on bicycles didn’t enjoy the testicular torture of riding along rough roads on hard seats.

In more modern times, jock straps are essential for a lot of sporting enthusiasts and athletes purely because of the support they give. Due to the nature of their ‘restrained’ position in a jock, the genitals are secured and less susceptible to the uncomfortable dangers of injury and contortion, and many athletes find they prefer the feeling of things being held in place.

Some jock straps incorporate a ‘cup’ in their design, which protects the penis and balls from physical blows and are most common in sports such as baseball and hockey, where the first thought in most men’s minds is how to shield themselves from any hard balls that might be flying towards their most sensitive parts. The cup is plastic and usually slips inside a pouch in the front of the jock strap, where it is held in the perfect position to keep a guys prized possessions safe.

Another much praised beneficial attribute of the jock strap for men is that the minimalist material and the breathable cotton fabric used for it make men feel much more comfortable down there, especially when playing sports where they’re likely to feel too hot. Some jock straps are even manufactured in perforated fabric to help the gentle flow of air across the body during particularly active pursuits, and the lack of covering over the ass leaves much more skin open to breathe. The micro sport pouch at KoalaSwim.com is specifically designed to reduce chafing and to let a guys privates get some fresh air.

Let’s not forget that the jock strap is more than a practical device solely for the use of athletes and professional sportsmen. Fashion has come to embrace the jock, and many men love the invisible aspect of wearing a jock strap rather than underwear to hide the lines and creases that would otherwise be seen through their pants. Some wear them with low riding jeans to leave a sneaky flash of skin visible to whomever looks their way and underwear companies are increasingly likely to sell jocks with logos and attractive colors rather than the standard white used for sports. The original design isn’t the only choice for jock strap enthusiasts either – a ‘slingshot’ design has been developed with no straps across the ass and a pouch that hooks beneath the testicles and cups them there. Obviously this wouldn’t be appropriate for sports due to the nature of the design, but jock straps have a wide appeal outside the sporting community. For more cautious men who want a little more coverage but the same support, boxers have been created with the jock strap sewn into the material, meaning that a man doesn’t have to flash the whole locker room every time he bends down just because he wants a little extra security between his legs.

Another element of the jock strap franchise is jocks that ‘emphasize’ a man’s package. As they can be worn beneath more substantial underwear, many guys like to wear these boosting jocks beneath boxers to add a little bulk to their bulge. Enhancing jock straps work in one of two ways: either a ring that circles the base of the penis and balls and serves to push them up and out a little more than they would lie naturally, or subtle padding in the pouch.

Finally, who could forget that practicality aside, jock straps have a certain look to them –whether it’s the exhibitionism of baring your ass to the world or just the way the straps frame your cheeks and draw the eye to your dick – which a lot of men and women find very attractive. There are plenty of companies that produce jocks solely for men who get hot for the shape of them, and the world of fetish clothing for men has a special place in its heart for the jock strap. Jocks are now being made in mesh and transparent or translucent material so that even less is left to the imagination, and similarly a few designs have been created in leather. One example has the pouch around the crotch missing, framing the genitals like a pair of chaps. Jock straps have always been heavily involved in gay porn, perhaps because there’s a certain allure to not having to do anything more than bend a guy over to have sex if he’s wearing one, or perhaps because they present the guys ass and dick so neatly.

Jock straps also have a role to play in exhibitionism, a common fetish for both men and women of all sexual orientations. Their ‘open-air’ nature leaves almost everything on display, and most men will have seen another guy in the locker room who wanders around in his jock for a little longer than he needs to, just to show off. Some guys will wear a jock underneath their clothes as they go about their day to day lives, enjoying a similar feeling to going commando without too much unwelcome movement It’s safe to say that the jock strap is a piece of clothing that has a hundred different uses, from a serious piece of sporting equipment to a sexy type of underwear to slip into for a night of fun with a lover. They might be the ‘butt’ of the joke in the locker rooms or at school, but there’s a good reason why so many men swear by them!